guidance prog

Guidance Program

A functional guidance program directed towards the welfare and total personality development of the students should be provided by the institution. The objectives of the guidance program should be in […]

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admission and retention

Admission and Retention

The admission program of an institution should provide for the selection and retention of students. Policies and practices should clearly reflect the objectives of the Institution and must meet CHED […]

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student services

Student Services Program (SSP)

There should be a well-organized, properly administered and adequately staffed program of student personnel services. Such a program should be provided with adequate services, physical facilities and adequate resources to […]

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extra curricular

Co-curricular and Extra-curricular Programs and Activities

The College/Department of Information Technology Education should provide a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular programs and activities that contribute to student development. The program should be well-organized and directed by […]

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document additional

Documents, Additional Information and Exhibits

Documents or printed materials, which serve as data or provide information for the Program Performance Profile, and others identified to belong to this Area should be available at the Accreditation […]

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other student

Other Students Services

The College/Department of Information Technology Education should have a well-organized student assistance program to provide support to the students through adequate financial aid, health, records management, and other services to […]

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The College/Department of Information Technology Education should have well-organized and continuing scholarship programs and grants which enable deserving students needing assistance to finish a degree of their choice. […]

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