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BSIT Curriculum 2016 Life Long Learners

The new Curruculum adopted by the Institute of Information Technology for Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. […]

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BSIT Ladderized Curriculum 2011

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Ladderized Curriculum updated last 2011. […]

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This course provides an overview of the major elements technology entrepreneurial activity, prepare and generate a business idea, intellectual property protection, financing, team building and prototyping of business idea, marketing […]

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felect 3

FElect 3 Linux Networking

This course introduces the capabilities and features of Linux as a multi-user operating system. Topics include system planning and installing a Linux system, managing desktop interfaces, working with the shell […]

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felect 2

FElect 2 Web Programming

By the end of the course, the students should be able to build relatively sophisticated website using server side scripting, interacting with databases, building web pages and client side scripting. […]

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felect 1

FElect 1 E Commerce

This course includes study and application of techniques for World Wide Web software development including HTLM5L, style sheets, scripting languages, Web databases, PHP, front-end and back-end frameworks, Content Management Systems […]

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ite elect4

ITE ELECT 4 Business Enterprise and its Processes

Students will be exposed to the main business processes that drive an organization, the interaction within and between them, and the effect of integration on the decision-making environment. As major […]

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ite elect 3


An introduction to the human resources function and related elements and activities. The course outlines the roles and functions of members of human resources department. The student will learn the […]

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ite elect 2

ITE Elect 2 Entrepreneurship

This course begins with the introduction to entrepreneurial thinking and then gives students the opportunity to experience entrepreneurship by projecting predicting and developing areas into valuable business plans. The course […]

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ite elect 1

ITE Elect 1 Project Management

This course is a study of how to plan and manage successful software development projects at each stage of the software life cycle. It also focuses on the key personal […]

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IT23 Software Engineering

This course will emphasize the analysis of business problems in an organization and the subsequent design of computer systems to meet the organization’s needs. Students will study the stages of […]

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IT 22 Systems Analysis and Design

This course will emphasize the analysis of business problems in an organization and the subsequent design of computer systems to meet the organization’s needs. Students will study the stages of […]

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IT21 Accounting

This course shall study the basic principles and practices of accounting in all types of business […]

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IT20 Principles of Information Security

This course intent to fill the need that surveys the discipline of information security which will provide the student with a balanced introduction to both security management and the technical […]

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IT19 Information Resource Management

Study of the application of management techniques needed to control information in an organization, emphasis on providing organizations accurate, readily available information to assist in management in decision making, to […]

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IT18 Multimedia

This course provides the students with the knowledge and skills in multimedia design and development and concepts. Topics include are hardware requirements for each applications used, workspaces of the applications, […]

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IT17 Object Oriented Programming

This course uses C++/Java or any Object-Oriented Programming Languages that includes structures, file input/output, data abstraction, classes (constructors, destructors, data members and member functions), operator Overloading, inheritance, virtual functions, polymorphism […]

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IT 16 Database Management System

An overview of database management systems including requirements analysis methodology for data base design, conceptual DB design methodology including formulation of entity-relationship models, review of query language characteristics, and a […]

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IT15 Network Installations and Administration

A three (3) unit course which incorporates practical information about designing, implementing and managing Ethernet and Wireless Networks. Moreover, an in-depth exploration of the planning phase, installation and configuration, managing […]

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IT 14 Data Structures with File Organization

Topics covered in the course includes data abstraction, a survey of linear data structures, nonlinear data structures, file organization and access methods, memory management. Discussion of more advanced internal and […]

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IT 13 Computer Programming 3

This course focuses on creating objects, event-driven applications that will incorporate several programming techniques and interfaces develop competencies in database management using current database connections and sequential query language. […]

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IT12 PC Management and Maintenance 2

This course includes review on computer, components and their functions. Hand–on Laboratory on how to install and maintain operating systems. This course also includes configuration of software applications, printers, and […]

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IT11 Operating Systems

Operating Systems is an introduction to the techniques used to implement operating systems.  It is also about the design and implementation of various popular operating systems like Windows XP and […]

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IT10 Data Communication and Networking Technology

This course is an introduction to data communications concepts and networking technologies. Topics in this course include communication system components, communication software and protocols, packet switching, network control, common carrier […]

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IT 9 Computer Programming 2

This course introduces event-driven computer programming using any application programming language. Topics include input/output operations, syntax, program structure, data types, arithmetical operations, functions, loops, conditional Statements and other related topics. […]

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IT8 PC Management and Maintenance 1

This course includes review on computer basics, components and their functions. Hands-on laboratory on how to install memory, hard drives, sound cards, video cards, printer, scanner, CD-R/RW drive. This course […]

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IT 7 Computer Systems Organization and Architecture

Computer Systems Organization and Architecture is a study of computer systems, their terms of structure, interconnections, functions and the operations of each individual component. Topics include the major components of […]

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IT 6 Discrete Mathematics

This course is a study of discrete mathematics with emphasis on applications. Topics include number systems, combinations/permutations, mathematical logic/proof, sets/counting, Boolean algebra, trees/graphs, and algorithms. […]

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IT5 Computer Programming 1

: This course provides the conceptual foundation to develop computer software programs with emphasis on programming style. Topics include program structure and syntax, documentation, I/O, constant and variables, calculations, logic […]

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IT4 IT Fundamentals 2

This course introduces the various navigation tools, services of the internet and basic HTML. Topics include using internet protocols, search engines, file compression/ decompression, FTP e-mail, and other related topics. […]

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IT3 Professional Ethics for Filipino IT Professionals

This course imbibes and instructs quality topics on work patterns, information management process and business processes for IT professionals in the Philippine setting. […]

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IT2 Program Logic Formulation

This course is designed to teach the correct programming methodology that is applied to solving programming problems and aims to improve the analytical process of solving a programming problem. […]

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IT1 IT Fundamentals 1

The course discuss on role of computers in society with an introduction to computer applications. The student will be introduced to the concepts and operations of computer including several typical […]

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